The Green Socks


The 1963 Baylor game, the 8th game of the season, pitted Baylor coach John Bridgers' passing offense against Royal's conservative "percentage football". And, of course, there were the dreaded "green socks." 

When Dan Jenkins inverviewed Royal for his Sports Illustrated, article, "Throw, Throw, Throw," Royal spoke of the pride he felt in coaching at UT. "You hear guys who went to another school in our conference--A&M. Baylor or somewhere--talk for 20 minutes about why they didn't want to go to Texas. But you'll never hear a Lopnghorn explaining why he didn't go to another school.Put me in a room with 50 people and tell me that half of them went to Texas. I'll sort 'em out. The guy with the blue serge suit with his green socks rolled down didin't go to to Texas." 

As soon as his words left his mouth, Royal worried that the comment would get him in hot water. "Don't worry, Darrell, " Jenkins assured him, "the only people who'll be ofended will be Baylor and the Aggies." 

"I made the remark casually," Royal told Bud Shrake. "Now I read that Bridgers is going to wear geen socks and a blue suit to the game Saturday. Man, those guys must be hip-deep in complexes."