Oklahoma State


As a coach, Darrell Royal faced Oklahoma State just three times. 
In the year of our first national championship, 1963, the Horns were the victors, 34-7. Texas played OSU again in 1967 and the Cowboys didn't fare much better. UT shut them out, 9-0. 
Yet, although most Texas fans don't realize it, the 1968 game against Oklahoma State has historical and sentimental significance to Longhorns. The Wishbone offense, created by Emory Bellard and DKR, was launched that fall, and after a tie with Houston and a loss to Texas Tech, OSU was our first Wishbone win, 31-3.  
That win marked the first start at quarterback for James Street, who went on to win the next 19 games he started.
And that October 5, 1968 victory over OSU launched our 30-game winning streak, still one of the longest in NCAA history.