Welcome to burntorangebooks.com


Welcome to burntorangebooks.com. My books, What It Means to be a Longhorn, 100 Things Longhorns Should Know and Do Before They Die, and the just-released DKR:  The Royal Scrapbook are all about The University of Texas and UT football in particular.

I'm not a journalist. I'm not interested in slicing and dicing. I've got great friends in the athletics department so you won't get hard-hitting criticism of the coaches or the program here. I will take pokes at the sillly stuff they do, and will whine about how things used to be, but any serious complaints will be muttered under my breath in private or yelled at the TV during games. 

After researching and writing three books on UT football, I think I know pretty much everything there is to know about Longhorn football and Coach Royal.  

Prove me wrong. Jump in the conversation and add your stories and opinions.  It'll be fun. 

Hook 'em, 

Jenna McEachern