Letters to the Coach: Dan Jenkins


Hey, Coach:

Congratulations on shooting 85 without any mulligans. Once again you’re my hero. I often think about all the great days in the past—especially the time we both escaped the “green socks” on that Saturday in 1963. That was a close one.

As you know I’ve been at this business a long time, and you’re still my favorite subject who became a friend. Not just the greatest college football coach I ever knew and covered, but the best person to know and best guy to hang out with.

You made my job easier than anybody I ever knew and I just want you to know on this occasion that I haven’t forgotten it.

Warm regards from an old friend,
Dan Jenkins

Dan Jenkins is an award-winning sportswriter and an author. Now a columnist for Golf Digest, he began covering Darrell Royal in 1957, and they quickly developed a lasting friendship.