Letters to the Coach: Bill Walker


In 1971, Bill Walker, "Frog" to his teammates, played on the defensive line. The only player from Goliad, Texas, to make the Longhorn team--and probably the last defensive player under six feet tall--Bill was determined to play often and play well, specially against Texas A&M. At the time, the office of the defensive line coach was in Gregory Gym, and Bill spent hours watching game films there.
One November evening before the A&M game, the halls of the gym were quiet except for the sound of the projector. Bill, intently watching films of the Aggie offensive line over and over, was startled when Coach Royal poked his head in the door.
“Hey, Bill, how ya doin?” Darrell asked. “Fine, sir, just fine.” Bill answered. Coach Royal stepped inside the room and walked up behind Bill. “Say, Bill, did you see the paper today from College Station?”

“No, coach, I didn’t. Why?” Coach Royal grinned, “Well, because they are talking about how the Aggies are going to kick that little fat boy from Goliad’s ass…”
Bill looked up at Darrell and gave him a big smile. “Not likely, coach,” he said. “Not likely.” Coach Royal grinned, turned and closed the door.

-Robin Roberts Walker, BFA ‘74