Deconstructing DKR



Brad Hilliard of Dave Campbell Texas Football writes:

Describing DKR:  The Royal Scrapbook as a biography would be akin to describing its subject as simply a coach. While Darrell Royal's legacy goes far beyond the position he held at The University of Texas from 1957 to 1976, author Jenna Hays McEachern's new book provides an intimate and unique view of the life and career of the kid from Hollis, Oklahoma turned coaching legend.  

It is Edith Royal that really made the project possible. Throughout her husband's career, which took the family to four different states and even a year in Canada before they settled in Austin, she meticulously saved letters, newspaper clippings, and family photos that serve as a fascinating compliment to McEachern's words. From photos of Darrell during his wartime military service to a late-night letter to Barry Switzer he penned along with longtime friend Willie Nelson, Mrs. Royal's colletion provides the reader with a visual accompaniment of every aspect of his life. Read more....