Edith Royal-Life with DKR


 "We got mad at each other, just like everybody else. I remember one time when he took up golf, and he'd forget to come home and come get me to take me to some big important party that I thought I had to go to. So I visited one of my psychiatrist friends, and I said, 'I just dont think I want to live with this man any longer, he just neglects me, and he forgets about me, and he just thinks about playing golf all the time.' He said,, 'Edith, just stick with him long enough, and you'll come to the point where you just love that he goes to the golf course.' And he was absolutely right." 

Listen to Edith and Jenna's entire interview here:  kut.org/2012/10/book-festival-2012-royal-mceachern/