DKR's Two Minute Drill


On July 6, 2012, Darrell K Royal turned 88. Hard to grasp that this lion, the alpha-male of his profession during the 60s and 70s, is nearing the end of his days.

Everything he did was at a high rate of speed. He paced the sidelines nervously, his practices were efficient and players moved quickly from one station to the next. He grasped complex problems quickly; he made his living and built his reputation on making brilliant split-second decisions. Royal turned the pages of a magazine as if he were being timed by a stopwatch. He wouldn't play golf with anyone unwilling to adapt to his "speedgolf" style of play.

Today, Alzheimers has caught up with him, fogged his flawless memory. His once-hurried stride is now a shuffle, and the quips he made famous--Royalisms--are still there, it just takes much longer to call them up. We will lose him, this man who is the face of Texas football, but thankfully, his name, his victories, his integrity will forever grace UT's stadium. 

What's your favorite Royalism?  Your favorite DKR memory?